Meniere’s Disease Triggers Revealed

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Smyrna Chiropractor Reveals Ménière’s Disease Triggers and Solutions

Meniere’s attacks can be incredibly debilitating. Not having your balance can affect even the most simple of daily tasks. Basic daily stressors can lead to a Meniere’s attack. Some of these triggers include the following (1)

  • Fatigue
  • Emotional stress
  • High salt content in meals
  • Pressure change
  • Recent illness

It is important to take a look at any lifestyle changes that can be made to lessen the effects of the above triggers. Finding the root cause of your Meniere’s disease is essential to having a proper course of care. Here at HP Spine Center, we are dedicated to finding the source of your symptoms and getting you back to your daily routine.
Your Spine and Meniere’s
Your spine is what protects your vital spinal cord. Your spinal cord carries messages to and from your brain. When your atlas (top bone in your spine) is misaligned, it creates pressure near your brain stem. This causes distortion of the messages going to and from your brain, potentially leading to vertigo, ear fullness, and other Meniere’s symptoms.

Dr. Parkerson is trained in Orthospinology, a precise chiropractic procedure that detects and corrects atlas misalignments. Orthospinology is a very specific and gentle chiropractic technique. Through realignment of the atlas, pressure within the spinal cord is reduced. The brainstem is able to send and receive messages without distortion. This may lead to a reduction of Meniere’s symptoms.

Burcon conducted a study of 139 Meniere’s patients who received specific atlas corrections. 136 of the 149 patients experienced a significant reduction in their Meniere’s symptoms. They were able to resume their normal daily activities. The two symptoms that were most significantly reduced were vertigo and nausea. (2)

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