Migraines in Children – A Growing Trend

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Atlanta Chiropractor Discusses Growing Trend of Migraines in Children

Forty-six percent of adults suffer from migraines worldwide. It now seems that more and more children are beginning to suffer from migraines as well. According to the American Migraine Foundation, approximately sixty percent of children have a headache once in awhile, and about four to ten percent have them on a regular basis. Children over the age of eleven that are experiencing migraines are in the range of eight to twenty-three percent!

No matter what your age is, treatment is limited. Dietary changes, surgery, and medications are some options. There is no guarantee any of these will work. Each person is different. Dealing with children is especially hard due to the fluctuations in hormones and growth spurts.

One recently approved drug for children is called Sumatriptan. It is basically a lower dosage than that approved of for adults. Its purpose is to improve blood flow to the brain and the layer of tissue that protects the spinal cord and brain known as dura mater. This drug has not proven to be very effective and comes with side effects such as blood clotting, stroke, bleeding and ulceration of the stomach, intestinal issues, and heart attack. Why not try a natural cure for your child?

An upper cervical chiropractor is specifically trained to detect misalignments in the upper neck area. If the top two bones in the neck are just slightly out of alignment, this can cause migraines as well as other problems. This can happen through sports, falls, and other activities. When the atlas bone, or the uppermost bone in the neck, is not in its normal position, it puts pressure on the dura mater and affects normal blood flow to the brain. When an upper cervical chiropractor, like the doctors found at the HP Spine Center in Smyrna, Georgia, correct these bones, your child will begin to heal. These types of adjustments have been proven to reduce, if not eliminate, the migraines in adults and children – all with no dangerous side effects. Why not call the HP Spine Center to schedule an assessment today.

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