Path To Optimal Health

There are Five Main Checkpoints to Optimal Health
  1. Suffering
    Pain and suffering are big motivators for people to seek our care. In many conditions, pain is the last thing to occur in an imbalanced body. It is important to seek Orthospinology spinal care right away if pain is present.
  2. Stabilizing
    Holding the Orthospinology spinal correction is the foundation for your body to start the process of healing. Stability starts at different times for different people. The key is to follow the doctor’s recommendations in order to achieve stability. Review the Do’s and Don’ts worksheet to avoid setbacks and reach stability sooner.
  3. Rehabilitation
    Once your body stabilizes, you will be evaluated to see if you are ready for rehabilitation exercises and stretches. This process retrains the muscles, ligaments, and nerves to work in the new balanced spine position.
  4. Healing
    Healing takes time. Muscles take 4-6 weeks, ligaments take 6-8 weeks, and nerves take 3-4 months to completely heal. We will be monitoring your spine along this process to make sure your body heals properly.
  5. Optimal Health
    Seasonal checkups will be important at this point to maintain optimal body balance. Your optimal health will depend largely on how long your misalignment has been present and how much degeneration has occurred. Your doctor will give you a realistic view of what you can achieve.