Exercises and Stretches

A Special Exercise & Stretching Note from HP Spine Center

We are very excited that you have reached the Rehabilitation Phase of your care. What an exciting time! This means that your muscles and ligaments have fully healed and your body is ready to strengthen the new balanced position.

During this phase of your care, we may recommend the following exercises. Click on the button below to download:

Do your exercises 6 times per week to maximize their potential.

The benefits from doing the exercises and stretches are directly proportional to how consistent you are at doing them. In other words, if you don’t do them you won’t notice any benefits. You also won’t hold your adjustment as long as people who do them consistently.

The best way to make them a part of your day is to schedule the same time each day to do them. That way it is part of a routine. Studies have shown it takes 3 weeks of doing something new to make it a habit, keep focused and hang in there until then. It is at that time when doing the exercises and stretches will be second nature.

We look forward to seeing your progress towards optimal health!